Family room
Family room

Family Room

A family room with seating which has two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Total of four beds with the option of an additional bed or cot. Equipment for infants subject to request.

Room amenities:

Two large double beds, view of the garden, telephone, satellite programmes, flat-screen TV, writing table, seating, heating, carpet, wardrobe/walk in wardrobe, laundry stand, hair dryer, free toiletries, toilet, bathroom, bath or shower.

Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.

Manželská láska - víkend

Eshop - Tip týdne: Manželská láska - víkend

4 220,00 Kč

3 700,00 Kč

Vegetariánský piknik

Eshop - Tip týdne: Vegetariánský piknik

970,00 Kč

850,00 Kč