Zámecká gastronomie
Zámecká gastronomie

Chateau gastronomy

Restaurant MAXMILIAN

The Maxmilian Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the historical building of the hotel and is used primarily for guests staying with us. Meals are also available for visitors to the chateau on selected days.

Our à la carte menu is based on freshly prepared dishes made from local ingredients as we cooperate with regional suppliers. Steaks and various vegetable dishes are especially popular. The permanent menu is supplement with daily specials from which our guests usually choose a lunchtime menu.

Delicious meals deserve to be matched with fine wines and we are well-stocked with excellent wines from Bohemia and Moravia as well as a selection of wines from Italian, Austrian and French wineries.

We also offer a thematically compiled menu for special occasions:

  • Birthday menu.
  • Romantic menu with a bottle of wine.
  • Chateau degustation menu.

Hotel guests have the opportunity of additionally ordering half or full board to go with their stay.

During the summer months, we also serve meals in the front garden of the restaurant.

LUNCH MENU Wine list

Lobby bar

You will find a pleasant bar with subdued lighting in the foyer of the Maxmilian Restaurant offering great coffee (the Italian Varesina brand), a selection of soft drinks, cocktails, and a range of Caribbean rums, fruit-based spirits and cigars which is wide for a Czech village.

We serve Pilsner urquell beer on draught.

Vtipná kaše

This cosy canteen with a large garden and beautiful view is located on the chateau terrace approx. 120 m from the hotel and is open at weekends, on public holidays and during the holidays. The gastronomic services of the self-service Vtipná kaše restaurant are especially popular during high season among visitors to the chateau park and exhibition.

As opposed to the chateau restaurant, Vtipná kaše offers more classic Czech cuisine, serving renowned creamy sirloin and stuffed potato dumplings. Only here can you order “Funny Porridge” (Ftipná kaše) and “Storks with poppy seed” (Čápy s mákem), dishes unique to us.

Great draught beer, a selection of soft drinks and homemade lemonade is available to wash your meal down.

Picnic baskets

Are you a romantic at heart? Then you will not rid yourself of the feeling of having an empty stomach in any old manner. Enjoy a feast in the countryside, on a grassy meadow or under a tree. We offer picnic baskets from 30 April until 30 September.

Order a picnic basket to make your trip all the more pleasant – according to who will be dining, either a romantic picnic basket for those unforgettable moments with just the two of you or a family picnic basket for those rare moments of peace and quiet with your loved ones.

A speciality we offer is loan of a potable barbecue to make your day in the park a truly enjoyable experience.

Fast food and ice cream

Other catering options are available during the tourist season in the chateau park with labyrinths. You will find here stands with conventional fast food, soft ice cream and also great coffee and fruit cocktails.