Konferenční prostory
Konferenční prostory



For moments of relaxation after a demanding work meeting or training of managerial skills, we offer a selection of activities in the relaxation facilities of the Chateau Hotel Maxmilián, in the chateau and in the chateau park.

The biggest attraction of Loučeň chateau is undoubtedly the Labyrintharium set in a magical castle park , which was founded in the first half of the 19th century.

Only here you will find 12 labyrinths and mazes from natural materials, which connects In addition to wandering and meditating, you can also play sports in the park - 3 cross-country circuits of various lengths and levels of difficulty are the ideal place for a warm-up in the morning.

In the castle park you will also find many places where it is possible to practice morning or evening yoga exercises.

Cycling routes leading through the St. George's Forest and the picturesque Elbe will certainly also offer you the opportunity to relax well after a hard day's work. Bicycle / e-bike rental is possible directly at the hotel.

Adrenaline lovers can try our rope park.

Table football tournament, mini ping pong, play giant chess, fresbee golf or try virtual reality and these are the possibilities for your team to actively relax ... even these activities will be happy for you we will arrange.

Relax zone

The hotel’s relaxation facilities include an indoor pool and a sauna with a relaxation room. There is also a private one available to you sauna or private whirlpool. You can also treat yourself to classic massages, Indian or antister massage, hot stone massages, reflexology facial massages or indulge in treatments for soft hands or feet.