Napsali jste nám
Napsali jste nám

What you wrote to us

We have a very nice Valentine time here. Thanks.
Domenica and Andreas
(from the chateau guestbook, 15. 2. 2015)

Thank you for a wonderful stay. Enchanting surroundings, smiling staff.
Liedlmannová from Ústí nad Labem
(from the chateau guestbook, 15. 2. 2015)

Thank you for the opportunity to experience a wonderful stay here. It was our “first time”.
(from the chateau guestbook, 31. 1. 2015)

We were very happy, most of all with the guide Zdeněk Votava, he was great.
Bára and Jarda
(from the chateau guestbook, 27. 1. 2015)

Great!!! Thank you for the nice and tasty tour.
Bára and Tom
(from the chateau guestbook, 7. 1. 2015)

We have already been here before and now here we are again and I can say in all certainty – see you next time.
(from the chateau guestbook, 6. 1. 2015)

Thank you for everything. The obliging nature of the staff was overwhelming. Thank you very much indeed.
Helena and Martin
(from the chateau guestbook, 2. 1. 2015)

You wrote the following to us over the course of 2014:

It is beautiful here and we are really looking forward to coming back .
Jan Přeučil
(from the chateau guestbook, 30. 12. 2014)

Thank you very much for the helpfulness, willingness and kindness of the staff. Above all the receptionist Martina. It was great here.
Lucik and Honzik and Blanka
(from the chateau guestbook, 29. 12. 2014)

We wish you a Merry Christmas! My family and I was here this season and it was gratefully. The peoples are very nice here. You should do a trip to Praha on "karlův most" and the "Staroměstské náměstí" and because show this castle! When you dont want a sightseeing tour or visit other villages you can take a bath in the beautiful swimming pool at night. Lucky sou see the great "ZDENEK" and talk with him :-). Best wishes!!!
(from the chateau guestbook, 27. 12. 2014)

Thank you, this is already our second time here and we will definitely be coming back. All of the staff are excellent, reception, the restaurant and also an amazing masseuse. Clean and pleasant surroundings. One suggestion: a small fitness centre would be great. Thanks, see you next time.
Karin and David
(from the chateau guestbook, 25. 12. 2014)

Thank you very much for a wonderful stay in your hotel. Everything was amazing. The staff were incredibly helpful! It was the best most relaxing Christmas Eve. We are coming back in August. My husband has an important birthday. We will be celebrating it here. Thank you once again and we will be recommending stays here to others.
Mr and Mrs Meliš
(from the chateau guestbook, 25. 12. 2014)